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Boxy Suite 2 Press Kit

Boxy Suite 2 is a suite of Google apps clients for Mac. It's built with the maximum attention to design and with the goal of making the apps great macOS citizens.

The Suite includes Boxy for Gmail, Boxy for Calendar, Boxy for Keep and Boxy for Contacts. These clients wrap the web apps and completely restyle them to match macOS UI conventions and make them much more responsive and compact. The clients also add native features on top, for example for account management and further customization.

These are not Electron apps. We've built them by choice with a custom stack based on Safari technologies; this presented us with technical challenges but allowed us to make the apps extremely lightweight and performant.

Facts and Links

  • Boxy Suite is made by ADZDATA LLC
  • System Requirements – macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer
  • Locales – English
  • Location – USA
  • Press contact – Boxysuite


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