• Are these apps web wrappers? Yes, these apps work by wrapping the web services in native containers, restyling them to look better and more responsive, and adding native features to enhance the desktop experience.
  • Are these Electron apps? Nope, we developed Boxy Suite with a custom wrapping technology based on WKWebView, so the apps are super lightweight. Wanna know more? Ask Francesco.
  • Are these apps safe? We don’t read or store Google account credentials, and we have no access whatsoever to user accounts. Boxy Suite apps behave like browsers with custom styling and native features built on top.
  • Do you support third-party extensions like MixMax? We'd love to support MixMax and other popular extensions, and we're actively looking into this. If you’re a developer and you’d like to bring your extension to Boxy Suite users, let us know.
  • Can I use the apps offline? Nope, but if you lose connection the apps will keep basic functionality and will reconnect automatically when a network is available.
  • How much is this going to cost? We're still defining pricing.
  • When is this being released? We don't have an ETA yet. The plan is to release a public beta first, then have the official release towards the end of the year. Subscribe to be notified when this happens.
  • Do you have a Press Kit? You can find it here. Let us know if you need something else.
  • I’m tech writer/vlogger and I’d like to try the apps Awesome, just tell us and we’ll give you early access