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The best Gmail app for Mac

Become faster and more productive with Gmail, Calendar, Keep, and Contacts.

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Simplify Gmail - Kill The Tabs
Become more productive.

Your emails, notes and calendars deserve a dedicated, focused environment to make you more productive, without distractions and stress. This is why we’ve created the best Mac app for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Contacts.

Boxy for Gmail

Get all the benefits and unique features of Gmail, in a custom wrapper styled to match macOS beautiful interface. It's the Gmail you know, refined and improved.

Minimal Mode

Enjoy a much cleaner, more responsive and minimal Gmail UI. Only with Boxy Suite.

Auto Dark Mode

Calendar enjoys the same custom dark theme that syncs with macOS.


Quick Launcher

The killer feature for Gmail power users. Quickly switch to any account or any view with just a few keystrokes.


Email Tracking Detection

We think you should know when an email is tracking you. A new dedicated icon will let you know it.


Instant Account Switching

By intelligently pre-loading your accounts in background, we finally made switching lightning fast.



Boost your productivity by sending emails to your favorite task manager in an instant.


Powerful shortcuts

Familiar macOS shortcuts on top of Gmail's ones you already know.

Reader Mode

Use Reader Mode to enjoy a pleasing, distraction - free reading experience.

Every email at your fingertips

Search through all your emails, instantly, with Gmail's built-in search and advanced filters.

Polished UI

A completely refined, more compact interface compared to the browser.

Your new default client

When you click a 'mailto' link in your browser, Boxy for Gmail will launch and set up a new message for you.

Calendar integration

Links in Boxy for Gmail will launch Boxy for Calendar, not yet another tab.

Status bar icon

Quickly show and hide Boxy for Gmail. Right there when you need it.

All your accounts at your fingertips

One of the things that our users love the most is how convenient it is to have all your accounts in the same place, and access them quickly with keyboard shortcuts.

Boxy for Calendar

Here's a client that finally takes the minimal, yet powerful, Google Calendar experience to the Mac, deeply integrated with the rest of the Suite.

Auto Dark Mode

We created a custom dark theme that syncs with macOS Dark Mode.


Today's date on your Dock

Boxy for Calendar shows the current date both in the Dock and in the status bar icon.

Constantly Up - to - Date

As G Suite customers ourselves, we always make sure to keep the clients up - to - date.


We work hard to polish and refine the web apps to make them look perfectly at home on macOS.

All your accounts at your fingertips

Access your accounts with quick shortcuts or with the Dashboard(more below).

Never miss a meeting

Get notified about events from all your accounts.

Status bar icon

When you need a quick glance at your calendar, just click on the status menu icon.

The family got bigger

Now including beautiful clients for Google Keep and Google Contacts, with Dark Mode support and deep integration with the rest of the Suite.



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