Google apps, finally freed from the browser.

Boxy Suite is a bundle of gorgeous Mac apps for Gmail, Calendar and Inbox. We're working hard to ship these apps in a few months; leave your email below to be notified when they're out.

Hi! 👋 We're the team that brought you Boxy, the best Mac client for Inbox by Gmail. We’re working on a suite of top-notch Mac wrappers to bring Gmail, Google Calendar and Inbox to the desktop.

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  • Boxy For


    Gmail has been on the top of our list for a long time, and we're super excited to finally have a beautiful client for it.

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  • Boxy For


    There are lots of beautiful calendar apps, but we've always been fans Google Calendar's features and simplicity, so making a great client for it was a must.

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  • Boxy For


    This is the new version of our "classic" Boxy app, modernized with our new tech stack and restyled to be even more polished than before.

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Why Boxy Suite is awesome

  • This is just the beginning

    We're just getting started, and we plan to make these apps deeply integrated with each other and with macOS.

  • Bundled together

    Working on these apps together means we make sure they're visually coherent and work together seamlessly.

  • G Suite support

    We’re building these apps with G Suite users in mind, as we think it just makes sense for power users to have dedicated desktop apps for what they use daily.

  • Native Features

    We've built and continuosly develop native features like Reader Mode, which lets you enjoy distraction-free newsletters reading.

  • Beautiful Themes

    We love crafting beautiful Themes for our apps, especially the Dark ones to make the apps easier on the eyes at night.

  • Not Electron apps

    It’s a tough choice to not use the most widely adopted tech stack, but this way our apps are super lightweight and have low impact on your system.

See the difference for yourself

We've spent countless hours tweaking the style of the apps to become more responsive, more native-feeling and less cluttered than their browser counter-part.

Click on the image below to see the difference.

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