All your emails and events, every Gmail feature, multi-account and notifications, gorgeous themes. All of this in a suite of beautiful & lightweight apps.

Why Boxy Suite?

Because your emails and calendars deserve a dedicated, focused environment to make you more productive, without distractions and stress. This is why we've created the best Google apps experience for the Mac.

  • Boxy For


    Get all the benefits and unique features of Gmail, in a custom wrapper styled to match macOS beautiful interface. It's the Gmail you know, refined and improved.

    Discover the features
    • Dark Mode

      We restyled Gmail's dark theme to perfectly match Mojave's Dark Mode.

    • Polished UI

      A completely refined, more compact interface compared to the browser.

    • Minimal Mode

      Enjoy a much cleaner and minimal Gmail UI. Only with Boxy Suite.

    • Handy shortcuts

      Familiar macOS shortcuts on top of Gmail's ones you already know.

    • Every email at your fingertips

      Search through all your emails, instantly, with Gmail's built-in search and advanced filters.

    • Your new default client

      When you click a "mailto" link in your browser, Boxy for Gmail will launch and set up a new message for you.

    • Reader Mode

      Use Reader Mode to enjoy a pleasing, distraction-free reading experience.

    • Calendar integration

      Links in Boxy for Gmail will launch Boxy for Calendar, not yet another tab.

    • Status bar icon

      Quickly show and hide Boxy for Gmail. Right there when you need it.

    Boxy Suite is the best way to use Gmail and Google Calendar on your Mac. I use it every day and love it.

    Jorn van Dijk, Founder of Framer
  • Boxy For


    Here's a client that finally takes the minimal, yet powerful, Google Calendar experience to the Mac, deeply integrated with the rest of the Suite.

    Discover the features
    • Today's date on your Dock

      Boxy for Calendar shows the current date both in the Dock and in the status bar icon.

    • Beautiful Themes

      Enjoy your calendar in unique, custom-built themes: Light, Dark and Black.

    • Constantly Up-to-Date

      As G Suite customers ourselves, we always make sure to keep the clients up-to-date.

    • Pixel-Perfect

      We work hard to polish and refine the web apps to make them look perfectly at home on macOS.

    • All your accounts at your fingertips

      Access your accounts with quick shortcuts or with the Dashboard (more below).

    • Never miss a meeting

      Get notified about events from all your accounts.

    Boxy Suite is a beautiful and highly functional way to free the power of the G Suite from the browser and use it as a set of finely integrated native apps. Highly recommended.

    Chris Messina, Hashtag Inventor and Product Designer
  • Boxy


    Your Google accounts Swiss Army knife. One click on a Status Bar icon gives you a quick overview and instant access to all your emails and calendar events.

    • Everything under control

      The Dashboard offers the most convenient way to see all your emails and events at a glance.

    • We sweat the details

      Since it's build to be used every day, we made sure it looks absolutely perfect.

    • Notifications Hub

      The Dashboard is a powerful notifications hub for all the Suite.

    • Made for Google

      Boxy Suite and the Dashboard are built for Google apps users.

    • Master every account

      You can choose to expand and collapse accounts, to always keep an eye on what matters to you.

    • Quick launcher

      With just one click in the Dashboard, launch the right app with the right account.

    Boxy makes G Suite beautiful and gives it those extra priceless features that should have been there from the start.

    Zee M Kane, Media/Tech Entrepreneur

See the difference for yourself

We've spent countless hours tweaking the style of the apps to become more responsive, more native-feeling and less cluttered than their browser counter-part.

Click on the image below to see the difference.

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