Boxy for Gmail

All the power of Gmail in a gorgeous Mac wrapper.

Get all the benefits and unique features of Gmail, in a custom wrapper styled to match macOS beautiful interface. It's the Gmail you know, refined and improved.

It's part of Boxy Suite, which also gives you Boxy and Gmail and Dashboard.

Discover the Suite
  • Dark Mode

    We restyled Gmail's dark theme to perfectly match Mojave's Dark Mode.

  • Polished UI

    A completely refined, more compact interface compared to the browser.

  • Handy shortcuts

    Familiar macOS shortcuts on top of Gmail's ones you already know.

  • Every email at your fingertips

    Search through all your emails, instantly, with Gmail's built-in search and advanced filters.

  • Your new default client

    When you click a "mailto" link in your browser, Boxy for Gmail will launch and set up a new message for you.

  • Reader Mode

    Use Reader Mode to enjoy a pleasing, distraction-free reading experience.

  • Not Electron apps

    A custom tech stack makes the apps lightweight and performant.

  • Calendar integration

    Links in Boxy for Gmail will launch Boxy for Calendar, not yet another tab.

  • Status bar icon

    Quickly show and hide Boxy for Gmail. Right there when you need it.